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TFCC Tear. The TFCC, or triangular fibrocartilage complex, is a structure in your wrist. If you sustain an injury to this part of your wrist, it can cause pain along the outside of the wrist as well as a limited range of motion in your hand. This condition is a degenerative or traumatic tear of one or more parts of the triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC, which stabilizes the ulna. The TFCC is composed of a group of ligaments that form connections between the radius, ulna and the carpal bones of the hand.

Acute avulsions and ligamentous TFCC tears may be repaired surgically, either open or arthroscopically especially in younger patients. 3; Central articular disc TFC tears cannot be repaired owing to its avascularity and should be treated by limited arthroscopic debridement while preserving load-carrying function as much as possible. A TFCC tear is a tear in the triangular fibrocartilage complex, a structure found in the little finger side of the wrist. Within the forearm are 2 bones, the radius thumb side and the ulna little finger side, and within the wrist there are 8 wrist bones carpals. This allows the proximal surface of the triangular disc to articulate with the distal aspect of the head of the ulna. Approximately the central 80% of the TFCC is considered to be avascular, limiting the healing potential of tears in this area. What Does The TFCC Do? The TFCC is. The triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC is a complex structure that is a major contributor to the stability of the wrist. Gross anatomy The TFCC is located on the ulnar aspect of the wrist joint between the ulna and the lunate and triquet. What Happens to Untreated TFCC Wrist Injuries?. The authors concluded from this study there was not enough evidence to suggest aggressive surgical treatment of TFCC tears when this type of associated soft tissue injury occurs along with a distal radius wrist fracture.

TFCC injuries consist in tears of the articular disc and meniscus homologue. The meniscus homologue connects the articular disc to the carpal bone triquetrum and acts like an elastic band between these structures. Injuries to the TFCC can be mild and considered as a wrist sprain. MR imaging of the traumatic triangular fibrocartilaginous complex tear Triangular fibrocartilage complex is a major stabilizer of the distal radioulnar joint DRUJ. However, triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC tear is difficult to be diagnosed on MRI for its intrinsic small and thin structure with complex anatomy.

Fig. 5.1 The periphery of the TFCC is well vascularized, and thus capable of healing. The central disc is avascular and thus has poor healing potential. Courtesy of Michael Bednar, MD Type 1B tears involve avulsion of the TFCC from the ulnar fovea or an avulsion fracture through the. 30/12/2017 · Wrist arthroscopy, particularly, is a valuable adjunct in the management of disorders of the triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC. Acute injury to the TFCC includes tears of the fibrocartilage articular disk substance and meniscal homolog as well as radio-ulnar ligament avulsions, with or without an associated fracture.

Positive ulnar variance correlates with TFCC tears, though you cannot be 100% certain with an X-ray alone, since you cannot visualize the soft tissues themselves [7]. Unlike X-rays, an MRI shows soft tissue structures, allowing assessing physicians to visualize the structures of the TFCC to determine whether or not a tear or lesion is present. should be considered. The surgical options for acute TFCC tears include repair of the tear, debridement of the tear, ulnar shortening, and various types of ulnar head resection. The decision as to which is the most appropriate procedure depends upon the tear location, tear type, patient symptoms, ulnar variance and DRUJ stability. Injury to the TFCC involves tears of the fibrocartilage articular disc and meniscal homologue. The homologue refers to the piece of tissue that connects the disc to the triquetrum bone in the wrist. The homologue acts like a sling or leash between these two structures. Another important structure to make note of with TFCC injuries is the ulnar. The specific structures most often torn in TFCC tears are the meniscal homologue and articular disc 2. This is usually caused by forced or over extension hyperextension and pronation of the wrist which is the position most often assumed when falling onto an outstretched arm 3,4, 6. Specifically, tears that fail to improve with nonsurgical treatment, unstable TFCC injuries, and injuries associated with a positive ulnar variance longer ulna bone, may be candidates for surgical intervention.   Most surgeons are using wrist arthroscopy to evaluate the torn TFCC, and either clean up or repair the damaged structures.

Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Injuries TFCC Diagnosis: In order to understand injury of the triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC it is important to understand the anatomy of this complex structure. The TFCC consists of multiple components that comprise the ulnar side of the wrist located between the ulna and the two carpal bones. TFCC Tear. The TFCC is a small disc of fibrocartilage which sits at the end of the forearm bone on the little finger side of the wrist and stabilises the wrist during grasping activities. The most common symptom of a TFCC tear is pain and weakness at end range supination, with grip, and when bearing weight on the affected arm. There also can be numbness and tingling radiating toward the small finger. How do TFCC tears happen? To understand a TFCC injury, you must first understand the different types of TFCC tears. What is a triangular fibrocartilage complex tear or sprain? Learn about triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC tears or sprains, including causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment from the expert orthopedic doctors at Mercy Health.

Debridement of type 1A central TFCC tears can be performed arthroscopically, allowing for relatively rapid return to early motion and subsequently sport in 4–6 weeks. 7,81 Type 1B peripheral TFCC tears are in a vascularized zone, and thus are best treated with arthroscopic repair, usually requiring immobilization limiting forearm rotation. TFCC tears have been classified as acute or chronic Table 1 22. Acute tears are subclassified based on the location of pathology, and chronic tears are subclassified based on the extent of disease and the presence of arthri­ tis. Ulnar positive variance has been associated with the presence of a TFCC tear.

The triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC serves both as a stabilizer of the radioulnar joint and as an axial load-bearing structure. Tears of the TFCC are a common cause of ulnar-sided wrist pain in persons who, in the present or past, have been subjected to significant upper extremity weight bearing. TFCC Tear Recovery Process. Recovery from a TFCC tear can range from wearing a splint or cast for several weeks to having surgery. This particular post will address how long it takes to recover from a TFCC tear without surgery. see our blog post on how long does it take to recover from wrist surgery? For more information on that topic. knowledge clari fi es the biomechanical role of the TFCC and guides the arthroscopic management of TFCC tears.2 Histology The TFCC is composed of two histologically di ff erent types of tissues. The central fi brocartilage disk represents 80% of the area of the TFCC. It.

Diagnosing & Treating TFCC Tears and Ulnar Sided Wrist Injuries & Pain. By Nancy Patzer. Your TFCC, or triangular fibrocartilage complex consists of a disc made of cartilage and two sets of ligaments on the “pinky” side of the wrist. It serves a load-bearing function. 26/11/2018 · In 1981, Palmer and Werner introduced the term triangular fibrocartilage complex TFCC to describe the ligamentous and cartilaginous structures that suspend the distal radius and ulnar carpus from the distal ulna see the image below. The TFCC is the major ligamentous stabilizer of the distal radioulnar DRU joint and the ulnar.

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